Local, Free, Confidential, Independent, Impartial


Important News: Closure of Magherafelt Advice Services

Magherafelt District Advice Services Ltd mission is to provide free, confidential, independent and impartial advice to all sectors of the community, whereby assisting and helping to raise awareness, ensuring individuals do not suffer because of a lack of knowledge of their rights and/or responsibilities, or of the network of services available to them.  We aim to influence the development of social policies and services, both locally and regionally.

Our Advisers provide advice and information in the following areas:

  • Benefits
  • Benefits Checks
  • Consumer
  • Debt
  • Employment
  • Form filling
  • Grants
  • Housing
  • Money Management
  • Tax Credits
  • Tribunals and Appeals
  • And many other issues
Our Services include:

  • Telephone Advice on a daily basis
  • Face to Face appointments
  • Drop-in Facility
  • Home visits where required
  • Negotiation and Conciliation
  • Representation at Tribunal level
  • Referrals to and from other Specialist Agencies
  • Information talks to other agencies and groups